Sunday, March 1, 2009

Max + Arduino getting started tutorial

After the Maxuino update, Andrew Spitz over at has created a great step-by-step tutorial for getting started with Max + arduino communication. Go check it out for easy instructions to get up and running with your physical interface projects.

Maxuino .005 released = Arduino + Firmata v2 + Max

Maxuino has been upgraded to it's own website at Go there now to get Maxuino v008 which includes arduino mega and teensy support!!!

I am pleased to offer an update for Marius Schebella's Maxuino, a port of PDuino for Max. Adjustments were made for the new digital pin protocols in Firmata v2 and some minor UI tweaks. I hope you find it useful for your work and email me if you have any questions. (use this version only if you are using Firmata 2.0)

With Arduino 17 came Firmata 2.1 and they changed the Baudrate. I have posted a new version maxuino-007 to cover this minor change and fixed a couple of other details and now have added servo support.