Monday, November 2, 2009

Maxuino v.007 for Arduino

Maxuino has been upgraded to it's own website at Go there now to get Maxuino v008 which includes arduino mega and teensy support!!!

Here is the latest update for maxuino. I have done some bug fixes, cleaned the interface and tried to make it more intuitive. More exciting for some of you, I have added support for servos on all digital pins in accordance with the latest Firmata version (2.1beta7) and the great work done by Shigeru Kobayashi and Hans-Christoph Steiner. Enjoy and let me know if you have any questions or requests.

Just a reminder, this is a patch for Max by cycling '74:

Friday, October 2, 2009

Maxuino v.006 for Arduino 17

With Arduino 17 came Firmata 2.1 and they changed the baud-rate. I have posted a new version maxuino-006 to cover this minor change and fixed a couple of other details.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

MotorSheild to Max 5

This may be too simple of an example for some, but it shows how you can easily write a simple firmware for talking from Max to the arduino, specifically in order to control the motorshield from ladyAda. The max patch allows for control of all 4 motors and the 2 servos. Hopefully it is of use as a starting point.
I can't seem to get this running on my mega either, despite the fact that the library is supposed to be updated for it. Starting to wonder if I have mega issues....>

Developed with help from David Fodel.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Arduino MEGA arriving

After several requests I have ordered an Arduino Mega to test and update Maxuino, as well as do some of the other bug fixes some of you have sent in. Stay tuned in the next week or two for an update. Also if there are other things that might be handy to include, let me know. I will also be releasing a Max patch for controlling the Adafruit Motor Shield for those that might be interested and will also be toying around with the GPS module as well.

I have been working with the beta of Firmata 2.1 which is attempting to add support for the Mega but I have not been successful yet. Hopefully the developer Hans-Christoph Steiner will have time to work out some of the kinks before Arduino 17 and this new firmata are posted.

it seems the Mega has such wacky port addressing it would almost need an entirely unique firmata for itself. I am not smart enough to write it and the Firmata masterminds are very busy just keeping up with other directions. i will release a new maxuino soon but it will not support the mega, many apologies to those of you who were waiting.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Max + Arduino getting started tutorial

After the Maxuino update, Andrew Spitz over at has created a great step-by-step tutorial for getting started with Max + arduino communication. Go check it out for easy instructions to get up and running with your physical interface projects.

Maxuino .005 released = Arduino + Firmata v2 + Max

Maxuino has been upgraded to it's own website at Go there now to get Maxuino v008 which includes arduino mega and teensy support!!!

I am pleased to offer an update for Marius Schebella's Maxuino, a port of PDuino for Max. Adjustments were made for the new digital pin protocols in Firmata v2 and some minor UI tweaks. I hope you find it useful for your work and email me if you have any questions. (use this version only if you are using Firmata 2.0)

With Arduino 17 came Firmata 2.1 and they changed the Baudrate. I have posted a new version maxuino-007 to cover this minor change and fixed a couple of other details and now have added servo support.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Maxuino update in progress for Firmata v2

For my courses I have been trying to update marius schebella's great maxuino for the new firmata v2. They changed the way digital ins and outs are routed and so I concentrated on repairing the original patch to reflect the changes. The original maxuino v.004 is here. My update which is still not cleaned and does not include the help file patch is found here. I will be cleaning it up this weekend and calling it an official update to .005 very soon. I am proud to have my first somewhat significant contribution to the firmata/max cause.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Wii nunchuck for Flash

These files are for interfacing the Wii Nunchuck and Flash. Included in the package is the Arduino file, the Flash file, and TinkerProxy. After loading the Arduino with the file, start tinker poxy and then reset the Arduino board. Run the Flash file, all the inputs should be obvious. The file is derived from


Wii nunchuck for Processing

Here are files for the Arduino and Processing to interface with the Wii Nunchuck. The arduino file is derivative of work by Tim Hirzel The processing sketch has elements representing all of the various Wii Nunchuck inputs: X, Y, Z acceleration, the joystick X and Y, and the two buttons.

Monday, February 23, 2009


This blog has been created to share some of the files I have been generating for my courses on Interactivity, both on and off screen. I will be posting code for Processing, Arduino, Flash, and more. I hope it is as helpful as the code I have found to make many of these pieces possible. Pass on the sharing.