Monday, July 20, 2009

Arduino MEGA arriving

After several requests I have ordered an Arduino Mega to test and update Maxuino, as well as do some of the other bug fixes some of you have sent in. Stay tuned in the next week or two for an update. Also if there are other things that might be handy to include, let me know. I will also be releasing a Max patch for controlling the Adafruit Motor Shield for those that might be interested and will also be toying around with the GPS module as well.

I have been working with the beta of Firmata 2.1 which is attempting to add support for the Mega but I have not been successful yet. Hopefully the developer Hans-Christoph Steiner will have time to work out some of the kinks before Arduino 17 and this new firmata are posted.

it seems the Mega has such wacky port addressing it would almost need an entirely unique firmata for itself. I am not smart enough to write it and the Firmata masterminds are very busy just keeping up with other directions. i will release a new maxuino soon but it will not support the mega, many apologies to those of you who were waiting.


  1. hi there, hows the maxuino for mega comming along? i have been trying to get it to work all day with no luck. i dont know weather it's the board or max but i cant get nothing to blink etc. any idea of messages to send it? (all i need at the moment is digital pins 42 - 53 (well not all of them.)
    thanks for any help you give with this by the way :)

  2. Interested in an Firmata (FirMega) that can handle your maxuino?
    I'm builing a version right now, and it already handles most functionality in a decent way.
    i'm just not so fluient in Max, so could you perhaps write a maxuino test-patch that provides all the functionality of the Mega? (aka, the 54 digital ouputs, 16 analog inputs etc. and perhaps also a debug message window?)
    thanks in advance :)

  3. Madouc, it sounds like a plan. I will need your FirMega to whip it up. email me chris.d.coleman[at]

  4. What's the status of the FirMega? Wondering if I can continue a project with my arduino mega or if I should scrap it and move to a supported board. Possible to get a rough ETA perhaps? Thanks a million for the coding.

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